Christmas is just around the corner,  here are some ideas for last-minute presents and Christmas Eve boxes.


Christmas Eve boxes are a relatively new idea, some might say fad, in the UK, which sees children opening up a box of presents on Christmas eve.

Some see this as just another pointless expense to the Christmas season, others see this as an alternative to a stocking that keeps children’s excitement manageable.


It’s up to you what you put in the box,

however, the majority of people opt to put in:

PJs Slippers/comfy socks

Hot chocolate

Chocolate/sweets (marshmallows seem to be a favourite)

Books, seasonal or otherwise Christmas films

And other seasonal treats, at the end of this article, will be links to useful websites with their own lists.

All of these suggestions can also make great stocking fillers or presents for secret Santa if you are struggling to find small gifts.


Other good last-minute gift ideas

are bath gift sets,

board games,

food and drink gift sets

Experience  vouchers

these can usually be found at supermarkets and other high street shops and are useful for if you have missed someone off your list, don’t know someone that well or just want to get a little something.

As with the Christmas eve boxes, there will be a link to articles with more suggestions at the end.


However, if someone you love is being stubborn this Christmas saying that they don’t want anything

before time runs out; might I suggest buying them an experience instead.

There are many companies set up to deal with this such as Virgin experience days, buyagift.com, red-letter days and many more.

It won’t take you long to find something relevant to their interests.

You can if also print out last-minute gift vouchers to email to them including a portrait voucher


To summarise, there’s still plenty of time if you know where to look and what you are looking for and of course, you could always improvise with a handmade present as well.


 I  hope you all have a lovely holiday break.

Ideas for  for where to buy the boxes and some grown up present ideas  Christmas Eve Boxes

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You can, of course, be super organized and book the pages ready for next year!


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